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A touch of temptation

Romeo Caviar • Ein Hauch Verführung • 100% Störcaviar aus Naturgewässern
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Natural Pond

My sturgeons grow undisturbed in natural ponds in the Burgenlandprovince. This breeding method is unique worldwide.

“In my ponds the fish mainly feed on plankton, algae, and insect larvae, which are naturally occurring in the pond. In addition, my sturgeons are fed with local pumpkin press cake. The quality of my CAVIARS is closest in taste to that of original wild caught caviar”.

Romeo Schermann

My fish swim undisturbed in our ponds for at least 7 years before they can produce caviar. This kind of breeding is more difficult than conventional aquaculture farming. An old Russian proverb says: “Jumping sturgeons and dancing girls are not easy to keep”.

During the summer months one can witness the joy of life my sturgeons display whilst jumping. “The natural habitat guarantees a healthy and optimal development of my fish.”

Genuss pur

Pure indulgence

Romeo Caviar is the ultimate guarantee for exquisite and unique pleasure. With Romeo Caviar you are holding one of the highest quality culinary products in your hands. Hence, my motto is not without reason: “Preferably from the naked skin”, for this is how pure, authentic and unadulterated pleasure can be savoured. Needless to say, my caviar also tastes excellent in combination with other high-quality foods.

“Romeo Caviar was born out of passion, more or less out of a hobby of pleasure. I wanted to create a product for my family, my friends and for myself, a product that had not previously been available in the quality I was looking for. At the height of caviar’s heyday, it had this special status. However, wild capture has been prohibited since 2003 and since 2008 both sturgeon breeding and caviar production have been regulated by the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. This means that sturgeon was close to extinction”.

Romeo Schermann

The natural rhythm sets a harvest time from mid-September to spring – during the cold months. It is during this time that caviar is at its best!

When it comes to preparing my caviar, I only use fish roe and natural, non-iodized Austrian rock salt. I abstain from any other additives for preserving, as well as for increasing the growth of my fish, nor do I use medicinal treatment in my ponds.

“Honest craftsmanship, respectful treatment of nature and mindfulness in the treatment of food are my highest priorities”.




Romeo Caviar Products

Imperial Caviarvom Sibirischen Stör – mein klassisches Produkt.Vakuumdosen Größe30 g, 50 gTraditionelle Dosen mit Gummiband125 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg

Imperial Supreme: Hier wird der beste Caviar aussortiert, um dem besonderen Anspruch zu genügen.Traditionelle Dosen mit Gummiband125 g, 250 g, 500 g

Auf Anfrage und nicht für jeden Tag:

Ossietra Caviar vom Russischen StörVakuumdosen Größe50 gTraditionelle Dosen mit Gummiband125 g, 250 g

Almas Caviar vom Albino Sterletfrüher ausschließlich dem persischen Schar vorbehalten.Jede Größe auf Bestellung möglich

Natürlich biete ich auch das Filet meiner königlichen Fische an:

Störfiletküchenfertig in handlichen Portionen zwischen 300 g und 1 kg


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